Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something for the Weekend (21st – 23rd January)

Suggestions for slightly off-beat activities in Paris this weekend.

Non-stop Monet
The Claude Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais, which has attracted over 900,000 people since it's opening, is coming to an end on Monday evening. To give as many people as possible a last chance to visit the show, the museum will be open non-stop from Friday 21st at 9am to Monday 24th at 9pm. So if the urge hits you to visit a gallery at 5am on Sunday morning this weekend, for once it will be possible!

For those not in the city this weekend and who haven't had a chance to visit the exhibition, here's another reminder that you can still get a flavour of the event on the fantastic official website -

It's better to burn than to fade away
As part of the Hors Pistes festival at Centre Pompidou, conceptual soundsmiths Soundwalk will be presenting their new creation: It's Better To Burn Out Than to Fade Away. This sound piece brings together iconic moments of sports history as commented on radio (from the French INA archives) in particular "sequences that find the radio host caught off-guard by the action of the moment, leaving his commentating role for a few seconds to reveal a pure emotion of joy or sadness, disappointment or victory". The installation leads the way to the other creations of the festival which include photos, videos and concerts, all more or less based around a sporting theme.

Paris is a battlefield
This weekend sees the opening of Peurs sur la ville, a fascinating photographic exploration of violence in Paris. Divided into three sections, what has been, what is happening today and what may happen in the future, the exhibition encourages us to reflect on war and peace in our cities.

New burlesque is the new...burlesque
Mathieu Amalric's 'Tournée' brought to attention the world of new burlesque, and has seemingly created a demand for the performances of the stars of his film. They will be putting on a show this weekend at the 104 Arts Centre, but if you don't have tickets, don't bother trying to find any - they're all gone!

Do not despair though, because Paris has its very own troupe of cabaret girls - les filles de joie - and they will be performing in two different locations this weekend. On Saturday night you'll find them at La Java for the Electro Swing Club de Paris (ambience vintage 20s, 30s, 40s..), and on Sunday they'll be at the Bellevilloise for the Dimanches de Menilmontant, an all-day event featuring a vintage flea market, live rock and roll, dance competitions and...a little burlesque!

Vinyl's not dead
Anyone over the age of 35 surely remembers the atmosphere of the record collectors fairs. These were not joyous events, but the meetings of vinyl addicts who were constantly in fear of seeing someone grab the disc they'd spent their whole adult life looking for. Those under the age of 35 may not understand, but they may well still be comforted to know that such events still exist in Paris. And curious enough to go and check one out.

Espace Champerret, 75017
22nd/23rd January

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