Monday, May 23, 2011

Accessibility Night: discovering just how unaccessible Paris can be!

Thanks to Mary-Kay for pointing out an interesting initiative in Paris this week. The 1st Nuit de l’accessibilité on Thursday May 26th,organised by the Jaccede association, aims to be a fun and festive event where volunteers will learn about the difficulties of life in the city for the disabled.

Meeting up at La Bellevilloise in the 20th (but hopefully not on the top floor via that rickety staircase), volunteers will then head out across the city in search of the good, the bad and the ugly, all the while sharing their findings via smartphones or live on the Jaccede website.

Finally, the evening will end back at
La Bellevilloise with a free wine and live music!


Mary Kay Bosshart said...


Many thanks for spreading the word about Accessibility Night! It should be a fun and productive evening.

Brittany said...

Hi nice rreading your blog