Thursday, February 23, 2012

Something for the Weekend (24th - 26th February)

A few suggestions for things to do in and around Paris this weekend. 


Salon de l'Agriculture
The February holidays are the traditional date for the annual farmfest, when Parisians remind themselves that they live in what remains a largely agricultural country. The event - which brings together food, drink and above all thousands of animals - is always hugely popular, but late opening times give you a chance to visit everything.   

Until March 4th
Full information here:

A street art walk
Starting a new initiative of urban tourism in seemingly unpromising locations, artist dAcRuZ will be leading a walk on Friday evening alongside the Canal de l'Ourcq into the 19th arronissement of Paris, pointing out the best street art creations en route. Other walks in different parts of the Seine Saint Denis department to the east of Paris will follow throughout the spring.

Click here for more information and to buy a ticket.

Cezanne et Paris
A last chance to see one of the big shows of the last few months. Cezanne is of course mostly linked with Aix and the south of France, but he was a regular visitor to Paris and the region, and this show presents his creations that were influenced by his time in the city.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something for the Weekend (February 17th - 19th)

It's the first weekend of the school holidays in Paris, so expect larger than normal queues at family-themed events in the next two weeks. Alternatively, you may find other places slightly quieter as Parisians make their annual pilgrimage to the country's ski resorts. 


Musical Spiders
In celebration of the current Au fil des Araignées exhibition at the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, the Orchestre national de France will be playing a special concert geared towards children this Saturday. The concert, held in the museum's ampitheatre, will be based around a story on a spider theme!

Saturday February 18th, 4pm
Tickets can be bought here:

See a video preview of the event here:

Fireworks Festival
No explosions in the sky perhaps, but plenty of light and sound on stage during this new festival in Paris over the next 10 days. The concept is perhaps a little forced (with special 'psychedelic' visuals), but the line up includes some of the most spoken about groups of the moment, including Tune Yards and SBTRKT.

More information here.

Le Carnaval de Paris 

Not to the level of Venice or Rio perhaps, but Paris too has its carnaval in February. This year's edition, with the theme 'they came from elsewhere' will run from the Place Gambetta in the 20th to the Place Baudoyer in the 4th on Sunday, from 1pm - 6pm.

Full information (and a teaser video!) here.

Back in the Days
Now perhaps the city's leading hip-hop culture event, Back in the Days mixes music and photography at its regular day-long sessions at the Bellevilloise. This Sunday, discover the pictures of Janette Beckman, a photographer who made her name with the London punk scene before moving to New York and capturing the nascent hip hop movement in the early 1980s 

Full details on the event here:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Something for the Weekend (February 10th - 12th)

The big freeze is destined to continue for at least another few days, but here are some ideas to help you stay warm...


Take me Out
Several times a year, this event brings together young designers selling clothes and objects, alongside DJs and artists.

Espace des Blancs Manteaux
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th
More info here:

Last days of Les Soldes...
The sales end in all stores in Paris on Tuesday, so this weekend gives you a final chance to find some bargains. Perhaps there won't be much left, but expect whatever remains to be heavily discounted.


Brunch Bazar
Originally hosted at the Comptoir Général on the Canal Saint Martin, the Brunch Bazar has now found a new home - a 1500m² converted former garage in the Marais. Complaints at the original events - which looked to bring together the food and drink of a brunch with a whole series of activities to keep all the family amused - were that people had to wait too long for service, or that nothing was left quite early on in the day. This time around the brunch is being held on both Saturday and Sunday, and in a larger space it should mean that there will be room for everybody.

Full information here:

Doisneau and Les Halles
Doisneau exhibitions occur relatively frequently in Paris, but this one promises to be different. Featuring only pictures of Les Halles when it was still the 'belly of Paris', it also includes many later pictures in colour. It offers a superb look back on a lost side of the city, so expect the show to be popular!

Hotel de Ville

Until 28th April
More information, including a slideshow, here.

L'Aiguille en fête
Knitting seems to have become quite fashionable lately, so it is entirely natural that it should now have its own weekend-long show. For those who think that this event at the Grande Halle de la Villette may just be a quiet rendez-vous for Grandmothers, make sure you don't miss the 'Championnat de France de vitesse de tricot' - the French speed knitting championship!

Click here for full information.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Something for the Weekend (3rd - 5th February)

Time constraints mean that I haven't been able to prepare a full list of suggestions this weekend. However, given the freezing cold temperatures, perhaps it is better just to stay at home! Nevertheless, here are a couple of ideas...


Free museums
It's the first Sunday of the month, so don't forget that a number of national and municipal museums offer free entry. You can find a full list of these museums here.

Paris Face Cachée
I interviewed the organisers of this event, which looks to be fascinating, on Invisible Paris, but no sooner was it published than it was apparently sold out. Aiming to show both visitors and locals alike a hidden side of one of the most well-known cities in the world through a series of 'experiences', it may be a victim of its own success, but keep an eye on their website to see if any last minute places become available. With the artic temperatures, there is a good possibility that people will cancel their visit, freeing up space for others.