Thursday, February 23, 2012

Something for the Weekend (24th - 26th February)

A few suggestions for things to do in and around Paris this weekend. 


Salon de l'Agriculture
The February holidays are the traditional date for the annual farmfest, when Parisians remind themselves that they live in what remains a largely agricultural country. The event - which brings together food, drink and above all thousands of animals - is always hugely popular, but late opening times give you a chance to visit everything.   

Until March 4th
Full information here:

A street art walk
Starting a new initiative of urban tourism in seemingly unpromising locations, artist dAcRuZ will be leading a walk on Friday evening alongside the Canal de l'Ourcq into the 19th arronissement of Paris, pointing out the best street art creations en route. Other walks in different parts of the Seine Saint Denis department to the east of Paris will follow throughout the spring.

Click here for more information and to buy a ticket.

Cezanne et Paris
A last chance to see one of the big shows of the last few months. Cezanne is of course mostly linked with Aix and the south of France, but he was a regular visitor to Paris and the region, and this show presents his creations that were influenced by his time in the city.

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Weekend à deux said...

You're blog is cool! I live in paris and that's cool to have on a proper website a list of what worth doing on a week-end!