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Something for the Weekend 30th (March 30th - April 1st)

Art and design events are like buses - you get none for ages, then three come along at once. Paris is hosting three such events this weekend, but you'll need to have plenty of spare cash if you want to visit all of them! For those with less flexible wallets, you'll also find some ideas of things to do for free below.

Reminder: April 1st, as well as being a day when you might find yourself with a fish on your back, is also the first Sunday of the month this time around, so that means plenty of free museums. You can find a complete list of the participating museums here.

Of the three art and design events this weekend, this is clearly the most pretentiously named and themed, but also potentially the most interesting. It takes its name from the so called 'golden ratio', (ie, if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one), a figure that is supposed to represent perfect aesthetic balance, and has the goal of highlighting 'sustainable luxury' (using a very clumsy 'the event of an other luxury' in its English tagline). It is primarily an event for professionals, but the general public can visit - if they have €18 to spare.

One additional advantage of this event is that it gives you the chance to visit the underused Cité de la Mode et du Design on the Seine.

More information here:

Pavillon des Arts de Design
The Tuileries gardens now seem to be the default venue for design events, despite the fact that it means hosting them inside large marquees. Although a city park, the Tuileries gardens are in fact owned and run by the French state, and more particularly the Ministry of Culture, who obviously see them as a way of making a little supplementary revenue. Once again, this event - which has a more sober and classical angle - has a hefty entrance price (€20).

Full information here.  

Art Paris Art Fair
The third event, the strangely named Art Paris Art Fair, is being held at the Grand Palais. Focussing more on contemporary art, it provides a fantastic location for browsing (and presumably few visitors will be buying) under the glass ceiling. Once again, a €20 entrance fee may put off more than one casual visitor.

Full details here:

Portes Ouvertes La Chapelle
If you're looking for something a lot more 'roots', La Chapelle is the place to go this weekend. Situated at the foot of Montmartre, this working class district is being slowly smartened up (or spoilt according to your viewpoint), but this weekend 'open doors' event will enable you to visit some of the old industrial sites that are now being used (often temporarily before renovation of demolition) by theatres, artists or just by weekend gardeners.  

The most interesting event of all? Probably a visit to the Bois Dormoy shared garden, which is in fact almost like a hidden miniature forest! On Saturday afternoon, there will even be a mini-music festival under the trees.!/2012/03/2eme-edition-des-portes-ouvertes-de-la.html

Crossing Borders
Street art in galleries is always hit and miss, but when it is a show that brings together some of the world's leading artists in the field, it should at least offer some interesting pieces. The very short show - lasting only 5 days - officially opens on Sunday, but if you wander along on Saturday evening, you may just be able to get in to the 'vernissage' event, where several of the artists will be present and 'performing'. 

From Sunday 1st to Thursday 5th April
Full details here:

Meet Young Film Makers
Finally, a message posted in last week's comments, but which sounds sufficiently interesting to be mentioned again here:

"Don’t forget meeting young film makers on March 31st, Cinema Action Christine (4 Rue Christine, 75006 Paris). Time: 13:40 (1:40 pm). Check it out here - you can order your ticket online, just 6 euros for a block of several films:

Come and meet a group of creative film makers on Saturday with interactive question and answer sessions after each film!"

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