Friday, July 6, 2012

Something for the Weekend (July 6th - 8th)

Schools out for summer and the holiday season has truly begun. Here are a few suggestions to celebrate in style. 

A City-Wide Treasure Hunt
Is 7 a lucky number? On this Saturday the 7th, the annual city treasure hunt will be celebrating its 7th edition - but don't take that as a clue!

The theme this year is 'Paris city of love', with participants guided by the letters exchanged by two mysterious lovers. To solve the puzzle, you must find the romantic couple's final meeting point.

Organisers promise that participants will be sent "through unexpected, unknown and often surprising locations: hidden gardens, narrow passageways, underground caverns and other secret Parisian nooks and crannies". However, there are several possible pathways leading to the treasure, and the hunt is also open to those in wheelchairs or with pushchairs.

Finally, English speakers need not miss out as the enigmas and instructions have also been set out for them in English.

To take part, meet between 10am and 1pm in front of one of the following arrondissements which will become your starting point: 3eme, 6eme, 9eme, 10eme, 11eme, 12eme, 13eme, 15eme, 17eme, 19eme, 20eme or the 18eme.

For more information see:

French Lingerie 
As the treasure hunt reminds us, Paris is the city of love, so it seems entirely appropriate that there should be an exhibition of French lingerie taking place at the same time. This show celebrates 100 years of French creations, with displays of historic models as well as more recent state-of-the-art designs.

Until July 26th
Espace Pierre Cardin

BitterSweet (Paradise) Festival 
From this evening (6th), 10 days of "indie pop folk rock electro" concerts in small venues across the city, as well as more unexpected performances in galleries, cafés and shops.    

For more information, including the programme, line-ups and audio clips of the artists involved, visit


Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Great tips Adam..and there's a fantastic Chopin jazz concert in the Jardin du Luxumbourg on Sunday.

Unknown said...

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