Friday, October 19, 2012

Something for the Weekend (October 19th - 21st)

Another weekend, another list of ideas...

Every year I seem to say that same thing when I look at the FIAC event - €35 for a ticket! I honestly find it difficult to imagine who is ready to pay that kind of money, but then again I guess there are plenty of people who wonder exactly who pays €50 to go and watch a PSG game.

Of course, like top-level football, no-one is interested in making modern art democratic and affordable, and it is in fact in everyone's interest (artists, dealers, collectors) to keep it exclusive. If you've got money to burn (or are interested in watching other people burn theirs, you'll find all the information you need at this link:

Those with smaller budgets needn't feel completely excluded though, as several - free! - outdoor projects have also been organised:

With the FIAC monster in town, other events have sprung up to try and attract collectors towards 'under the radar' galleries and 'emerging' artists. Cutlog, at the Bourse de Commerce de Paris is the principal event for this market - and entrance is only €10!

Paris Burlesque Festival
Now in its 4th edition and firmly established in the annual calendar of events in Paris, the Burlesque festival mixes performances with live music, cinema, discussions and exhibitions. This year's theme is the 'Fiesta de la Muerte', or a celebration of the Mexican day of the dead!

The Baron Samedi's 5th birthday
A little while ago I wrote about my local bar and one of the interesting events that is organised there (incidently, Sylvanie de Lutece will be organising some events at the Paris Burlesque festival, mentioned above). Given the often short life-span of neighbourhood bars in Paris, I'm pleased to announce that it will be celebrating its 5th birthday this Friday. Come and help them blow out the candles!

Demain dans ma vie
An interesting open days event this weekend is the 'demain dans ma vie' (tomorrow in my life) initiative. It aims to put a focus on the role Paris plays in the research and development field - across all disciplines - by opening the doors of the various specialised centres around the city. As well as giving us the opportunity to see some pretty cool new technology (3D virtual reality visits around Paris at the 104 centre...), it also gives us the chance to visit some interesting locations around the city (a converted electricity sub-station in the 15th arrondissement...).

The full programme and list of participating locations can be found here:

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