Monday, February 21, 2011

Spotted by Locals Paris iPhone app: the winners!

There were several interesting answers to the question 'what is your favourite spot in Paris' - too many in fact for me to choose the winners. I decided therefore to turn to Bart Van Poll, founder of the Spotted by Locals service, who chose his three favourite entries.

As Bart said when giving me his selection, "these comments make me really curious and sound very "Spotted by Locals" although I haven't visited them. I'd love to check them out!"

Here are the three winners. If you are in Paris, why not check them out yourself?

Lost in Cheeseland
The Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud is by far my favorite spot. The little square where JP Timbaud means rue des 3 Bornes is perhaps one of my favorite local hangouts - I grab a tea at Les Petites Indécises, an afternoon snack at Jeanne A (and a wedge of cheese for later) and dinner at the newly opened Le Pearl. It's got everything a charming Parisian square should have : a fountain, cobblestones and great food!

Magda O

The place I always go to when I go to Paris is a fun little bar in Montmartre called "Au Clair de Lune" which even by the name is a place you want to visit. It's great people watching, and as cliche as it is, it really is the thing to do, or watch yourself watching others. ;o) I usually order a kir, or three, as they are quite affordable, trying out my broken French on the handsome boys. The first time I went, I was taken by the love of my life and we made out for hours. I am going back to Paris to try to make it work again and I've set our meeting point to be none other than Au Clair de Lune. I have hope.

Cocopuff 1212

The Jardin du Luxembourg has something for everyone. That bee-house is my favorite spot in there -- it's very mysterious-looking, I think. Last time I was there, I loved drinking Badoit and watching the pétanque matches -- do young people (or women) not play that sport???

Thanks to everyone who took part. I'm sorry that not everyone could be a winner, but don't forget that you can purchase the application on the iPhone App Store.


Unknown said...

awesome! Happy to have won!!

magda o said...

Happy to have won too!! So excited !! How do i claim my prize?!
I just arrived in Paris and cannot wait to use it.

iamquim @ gmail . com

Spotted by Locals said...

Thanks for all your enthusiastic comments. We're happy to give away apps to you and really hope you find them useful.

For any feedback, please contact me (

A review and rating in the Appstore is much appreciated... Thanks!