Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Win a Spotted by Locals Paris iPhone app!

Spotted by Locals, everybody's favourite online cityguides (ok, I contribute to the Paris version..), have just made their 33 city blogs available as iPhone applications. Normally priced at €3.99 (£ 2.99, US$ 4.99), you can win a complimentary copy here.

In existence since 2008, Spotted by Locals is a network of blogs by personally selected local bloggers (“Spotters”) currently featuring 33 cities around Europe. All recommendations are written by locals who pass on tips from a personal and local perspective and keep their articles up-to-date and up-to-season.

The Paris application - like all of the other city apps - contains hundreds of recommendations, including restaurants, bars, museums, hotels or just places to relax. The beauty of the Spotted by Locals iPhone app - in comparison to most other iPhone travel apps - is that there are no surprise roaming cost bills as all information is stored in the app, meaning no internet access is required at all.

If you would like to win one of these applications, simply add a comment to this post giving your favourite Paris spot and the reason why you would add it to the Spotted by Locals cityguide. The three most original comments will win a complimentary Paris app!


moe said...

I don't have a favorite spot yet because I am not going to Paris until April but I am really looking forward to reading everyones suggestions! I am most looking forward to walking down Rue Cler.

Christine H. said...

I really like the area around the Chateau Rouge Metro stop, because it feels like stepping into another country. One of the reasons I love it is because I have a real weakness for African fabrics.

Ms. Lahtidah said...

My trips are so far apart. I hate to be trite, but walking around the Eiffel Tower at night and catching glimpses through the neighborhoods is fun. I also love simply to stroll along the Seine. I am sure I can find more with the help of this ap!

Unknown said...

rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud is by far my favorite spot. The little square where JP Timbaud means rue des 3 Bornes is perhaps one of my favorite local hangouts - I grab a tea at Les Petites Indécises, an afternoon snack at Jeanne A (and a wedge of cheese for later) and dinner at the newly opened Le Pearl. It's got everything a charming Parisian square should have : a fountain, cobblestones and great food!

Adam said...

Nice answers!
Just to let you know that I will be away until Sunday, and so will announce results on Monday.

Catherine said...

Paris can be surprisingly un-child-friendly, so as a Mum I love Le Poussette Cafe in the 9th, just off Square Montholon. It's one of the few places in Paris with baby recliners, highchairs, a children's menu...I could go on. Perfect for anybody seeking to entertain young children and getting a few minutes' peace.

magda o said...

The place I always go to when I go to Paris is a fun little bar in Montmartre called "Au Clair de Lune" which even by the name is a place you want to visit. It's great people watching, and as cliche as it is, it really is the thing to do, or watch yourself watching others. ;o) I usually order a kir, or three, as they are quite affordable, trying out my broken French on the handsome boys. The first time I went, I was taken by the love of my life and we made out for hours. I am going back to Paris to try to make it work again and I've set our meeting point to be none other than Au Clair de Lune.

I have hope.


cocopuff1212 said...

Jardin du Luxembourg has something for everyone. That bee-house is my favorite spot in there -- it's very mysterious-looking, I think. Last time I was there, I loved drinking Badoit and watching the pétanque matches -- do young people (or women) not play that sport???

Rob C said...

I loved the Catacombs, We visited many,many years ago when the guided tour was only in French.

We managed to blag our way in along with another English couple, when we first say the extent of the 'skull room' the husband exclaimed " Oh my God, just how many people died?'

The guide spun around and replied in perfect "poirot-esque' english that "We 'ad a few problems"

At which point the whole group descended into fits of laughter.

Nearly 30 years ago I can still remember the guides bemused face when he saw everyones reaction :-)