Friday, October 21, 2011

Something for the Weekend (October 21st - 23rd)

A weekend of fairs and shows, but if you really want to get away from the crowds, why not get out and visit a farm? Details on all below.


The FIAC and other art fairs
I've already mentioned the FIAC international art fair and its little cousin the Chic Art Fair, but there are several other similar events also being organised this weekend:
  • Art Elysées: Returning for its fifth edition, Art Elysées features a selection of modern and contemporary art in a large tent alongside the Champs Elysées. Entrance is a rather pricey €15.
  • Slick: One ahead of Art Elysées, Slick is celebrating this year its 6th edition! Around 50 galleries have been invited to show off their creations, again in a marquée tent, this time in front of the Palais de Tokyo and Museé d'art moderne de la ville de Paris. Entrance for this show - which always aims to be a little edgier than the others - is a slightly cheaper €10.
  • Pearls of the North: My personal recommendation. Pearls of the North presents the works of a selection of artists from Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, but above all it is situated inside Auguste Perret's wonderful Palais d'Iena (normally closed to the public), and - something very rare during the FIAC week - entrance is free!

Le Salon du chocolat
Paris and chocolate go together like...well, chocolate and nuts...or chocolate and coffee...or chocolate and orange...Let your imagination run free - you'll find it all at this enormous fair dedicated to the foodstuff, but just don't expect too many freebies!

More information can be found here:

Paris Noir
Paris is of course also closely linked to the world of the 'film noir' or 'roman noir', so a festival dedicated just to this subject is a welcome addition to the city's cultural offer. Now in its second year, this festival - which has Italy as its focus this time around - includes book signings, film showings, guided walking tours (in the steps of Maigret...) and even recreations of crime scenes!

The full programme can be found here:


Basing itself on festivals such as The Great Escape in the UK, and SXSW in the USA, MaMA attempts to bring together professionals from the music industry and up and coming French artists - as well as the listening public! The interest for the average Paris visitor or resident is that a whole host of shows - often free - are being organised across the 18th arrondissement.

Full details on the festival here:

BB Mix
Another music festival, this time being held in Boulogne Billancourt to the west of Paris, but one that always has a genuinely interesting line up. This year, you'll see such rarities as the mythical kraut rock pioneer Silver Apples, and the return of a flashback to my younger days - The Monochrome Set.

Full details on the event can be found here:

Take a Break from Paris

Visit a farm!

This week is the 'semaine du goût' in France (taste/tasting week?) which aims to get everyone eating good, natural farm produced food. In honour of this event, over 100 farms in the Paris region will be opening their gates on Saturday and Sunday to curious city dwellers who want to see where there food comes from. It's a great occasion to get outside and explore the countryside, but don't expect to be petting animals and cuddling little wooly lambs. This is more about how the farmers go about producing juicy chops and steaks!

Having said that, if you have more vegetarian inclinations, you can just visit fruit and vegetable producers.

More details:

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