Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something for the Weekend (November 25th - 27th)

A weekend ethical, artistic, sexy and down to earth here in Paris! Enjoy...


Black Friday
Black Friday is now not just about finding bargains at the nearest shopping centre, but also a chance to support your local independant record retailer. See here for more details on what's happening in Paris for this event.

Festival Pigalle

Without doubt the biggest and most interesting event of the weekend, the Festival Pigalle aims to recapture the spirit of this district before it is completely asepticised. Events are being organised in all corners of Pigalle, including some of the seediest, with the goal of bringing together the two images of the place - the arty and the sexy.

Of particular interest will be the nocturnal walks organised by Sylvanie de Lutèce which include a look at the history of the area and three stops for exclusive artistic happenings (in private apartments, hotel rooms, cabarets...). These walks may well be sold out by now, but if you do miss out, you can always attend Sylvanie's monthly history evening at the Baron Samedi bar on Monday evening (this month's theme - le Paris ésotérique).

More information here:

Bonobo and Friends
If you're in Pigalle on Friday evening, prolong the evening with English DJ Bonobo's first residence in a Paris club. The line up at the La Machine du Moulin Rouge is worthy of the very best festivals.

Full information on tickets here:

Le salon des vins des Vignerons Indépendants
If you're looking to stock up on wine before the Christmas holidays, this is the ideal opportunity. Featuring hundreds of the leading independant wine producers in France, you'll be sure to find something to your taste (and budget!).

Entry is only 6 Euros, including a special glass to take around with you for the tastings, but you can also try this link for a free invitation to the event.

Porte de Versailles
November 24th - 28th

Open day events at artists' studios are common events in Paris, but they are generally limited to the more 'bohemian' districts of the city. This weekend though, the very bourgeois 16th arrondissement will attempt to show that it too has a thriving artistic community.

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