Friday, March 9, 2012

Something for the Weekend (March 9th-11th)

As Spring arrives, Paris celebrates food (as usual) and a carnival in the Tuileries. 


Colette Carnaval
I am perhaps the only person in Paris who doesn't understand the attraction of the Colette 'concept' shop (hey, a vegetarian couscous at €22 with a bottle of raindrops from Tasmania at €13!), but it's success cannot be denied. To celebrate its 15th birthday it is organising an orgy of consumerism a carnaval in a big tent in the Tuileries with lots of fun and games promised. Oh, and a lot of 'partner' brand names... 

Until March 10th and 11th
Full information here:

A Voir et A Manger
With the rise of cooking as some kind of leisure activity, competition and spectator sport (as well as the term 'culinary arts'), it is no surprise that all food related events are now incredibly complicated. A Voir and A Manger at the 104 (yes, we've now forgotten that this building previously housed the municipal undertakers, but it's true that it also wasn't too far from the La Villette meat market) is actually a whole host of events, including a festival of cookery books (this weekend), art installations, dance, live demonstrations, and possibly even some things to taste at some point.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

And if that wasn't complicated enough, there's also another culinary event in the city this weekend. Coming at the end of the Paris fashion week though, it will at least be a relief to see some people with some flesh on their bones.

So what is the USP of this event? Well, it is seemingly part of some world tour, and features a series of 'F***ing Dinners' (their term, not mine) at partner restaurants, as well as a big party at the Bataclan on Sunday evening. Cooking the new rock and roll? Or is rock and roll the new cooking?

Maison de la Mutualité
March 10th and 11th
Full information here.

Bekini Party
Ever dreamed of being a DJ in Paris? Here's your opportunity. This Saturday night, turn up at the Trois Baudets arts centre armed with your MP3 player and a 10-minute playlist on a 'film soundtrack' theme, add your name to the list of particpants, then wait your turn!

Full details here.

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