Friday, January 18, 2013

Something for the Weekend (January 18th - 20th)

Temperatures have plummeted in Paris over the last few days, and this weekend promises to be one of the coldest this winter, but nevertheless here a few ideas to get you out from under the duvet.

A Giant Pillow Fight
If you are sheltering under the duvet, why not instead pick up your pillow on Sunday and head out to this giant happening in Paris?

Details remain sketchy for the moment, but you can keep up to date with the event - including the meeting point and time - on this page:

Exploring a little-known Paris
Urbanism institution the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, along with the Promenades Urbaines association and the musée Carnavalet will be conducting 14 guided walks this weekend across a series of seldom-visited 'quartiers' in the north, east and south of Paris.

All walks are free, but you will need to reserve your place beforehand. See here for more information:

Paris Face Cachée
Although not taking place for another two weeks, it is very important to plan ahead if you want to be involved in any of the Paris Face Cachée events. Many have already been fully reserved, but another set of 'experiences' will be put online for reservation on Wednesday January 23rd. Be quick if you want to take part.

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A Giant Pillow Fight group launched its campaign this year. They invite all the enthusiasts to try more extraordinary things. The tickets are really cheap and everyone can join the show.