Thursday, February 7, 2013

Something for the Weekend (February 8th - 10th)

Here are some suggestions for what promises to be a very vintage weekend in Paris.

Retro Shows
Two events at the Paris Expo exhibition centre this weekend have their sights firmly set in the rear view mirror.
  • RetroMobile: car porn for vintage vehicule enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Renover: A decoration and design show that surfs on the current fashion for 'le style mamie'. 

Bal Pop
Tangos, waltzes, Java, a buvette and musette - more vintage fun at the 104 arts centre.

Saturday 8th, 8.30pm 

Carnival Time
It may be cold this Sunday, but there will be a little touch of Rio in Paris. The annual carnival parade - with floats, giant puppets, musicians and dancers - will leave the Place Gambetta at 1pm, and wind its way to Stalingrad. 

Indoor Rowing 
It's cold outside, the Seine is dangerously high - so surely it makes perfect sense to row inside - doesn't it? Whatever the logic behind it, the 2013 French Indoor Rowing Championship - apparently the 'biggest indoor sport event in France' - will be either spectacular - or bizarre!

Full information, including a video, can be found here

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Thanks for the links, Adam. I really like such vintage things. I've bought an old tape recorder recently and I'm planing to learn the waltz. I'm not sure if I'll succeed, but I found a lot of instructions and videos with teachings.