Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something for the Weekend (23rd – 25th September)

The autumn may begin on Friday, but the autumn season in Paris is already in full swing. A selection of some interesting events this weekend can be found below.


30 Years of the TGV
France's famous TGV train is 30 years old this September, a date which certainly merits a celebration. The Gare de Lyon, the first station in Paris to host the train, will be the scene for the festivities which will include a 'TGV experience' (four specially prepared carriages and a visit to the driver's cabin) and later on, the 'nuit de TGV' with music and video displays on the facade of the station.

See the official website for full details on the programme:

Continuing from last weekend's event (bands and musicians in the city's bandstands with additional stands promoting local actors in sustainable development activities alongside), this weekend's concerts are taking place at the Square des Epinettes in the 17th (M° Guy Moquet) on Saturday 24th, and the Parc de Belleville on Sunday 25th.

Full details of events can be found here:

Not sure what cultural events are planned in Paris in the coming months? For the fourth year running, the city of Paris is organising a special event to promote as many of these happenings as possible. This includes promotional stands, but also performances from some of the artists concerned and special offers for many of the shows and exhibitions.

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, Quai de Loire, 75019

The Belgian new year
You need a good sense of humour to live in a country which has not had a government for nearly two years, but the Belgian sense of humour is particularly strange. Jealous of the Chinese and Russian new years that are celebrated across the world, a group of Belgian friends in Paris decided to create the 'Nouvel An Belge'. This event, organised across Montmartre, also includes a street procession, but it is above all a good excuse to drink beer and discover new Belgian talents.

Saturday 24th

Artists Open Days
Several artists open days are being organised in an around Paris this weekend. As usual, these events are as much about exploring normally unseen passageways and courtyards than discovering the creations of the artists, but you might make some unexpected discoveries.

Les Ateliers de Menilmontant:

Ateliers d'artistes de Fontenay aux Roses:

Pleins feux sur Ivry:

Restaurant/Bar of the Week

The Fête de la Gastronomie
With French gastronomy now being recognised by UNESCO as an important cultural heritage, it seems logical that there is now also a day to celebrate this essential part of French life. This day is September 23rd, the first day of Autumn, and sees thousands of events organised across the country. In Paris, you'll find behind the scenes visits to restaurants, tastings and special offers in a number of locations.

Full details on the planned events can be found here:

Take a Break from Paris

The Hortillonages d'Amiens
Amiens, only an hour or so north of Paris, is always worth a visit for its cathedral and city centre recreated by Auguste Perret, but until October 15th you can also explore it through the 'hortillonages'. This festival mixes landscapes, art and performances, reinventing spaces in the city to better appreciate them. The event has two objectives; protect certain zones at risk of redevelopment, and promote young artists. A third objective, unwritten this time, is to entertain visitors to the city!


Cergie said...

Bonjour Adam,
Un événement que je n'aimerais pas manquer ce WE est la "Fête des jardins" (les 24 25 sept) où les arbres seront à l'honneur.
C'était affiché au parc des Buttes Chaumont où je me suis promenée avec une amie mercredi dernier, et j'ai aussi pris le programme distribué à l'accueil du coté de l'avenue Laumière. Il y aura des ouvertures exceptionnelles d'endroit d'ordinaire fermés au public.

Cergie said...

PS : mon fils qui habite ds la dDrôme qui voyage bcp pourra prolonger sa carte 12-25 grâce à l'anniversaire du TGV.