Friday, September 30, 2011

Something for the Weekend (30th September - 2nd October)

A few ideas for what promises to be a busy weekend in Paris.

Nuit Blanche or Black Nights?
The Nuit Blanche is the big event of the weekend (see my suggestions here), but for those who prefer something quieter and more reflective after dark, the Jour de la Nuit offers a series of events across France that will seek to reclaim the night from noise and light pollution.

Potato Days
Although there may be a debate about how the night should be, there is no debate about the potato - everyone loves them don't they? Apparently they still need a promotional day though, but if that means tastings in the Jardin des Plantes of the recipes of renowned chefs, I'm all for it.

White Yoga Session
After a sleepless night and an overdose of potatoes, you might need something to help you refind your shape. What better than a Sunday morning yoga session? Here - at the Champs de Mars - you'll be surrounded by 2000 other people, but you'll also have the Eiffel tower to focus on. Apparently its already fully booked, but I'm sure they won't notice another couple of people joining in to one side - just remember to wear white!

If you're looking for something a bit more sporty, there are two options;

Une Journée sur l'Eau
On the Basin de la Villette this Sunday you'll be able to discover the world of water sports. The French Olympic kayak and rowing teams will be present to demonstrate their disciplines, and of course you'll be able to get in the water and have a go yourself!

The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
The biggest horse race meeting in the French calendar, and one of the biggest in the world, is actually a rather short sprint. Nevertheless, although the race itself, at 4.15pm on Sunday, is quickly over, the event spreads over two days. Go on Saturday for the sport, Sunday for the spectacle.

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