Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get on the Guestlist!

A new iPhone tool for Paris has been released which describes itself as “the essential app for the fashionable European jet-setter”, but what does this translate as exactly? Here’s a quick investigation for you.

The application is called Paris Guestlist and is geared towards both visitors to Paris and those living locally. The basic idea behind it is a simple one – to list parties and events taking place across the capital and to give you the possibility to add yourself to the guest lists.

It has the standard Google map in the centre of the screen, with the days of the week across the top. The locations of the events are plotted on the map, and colour coded according to the day of the week on which they are taking place. You can therefore search for an event by location or for the particular day you are planning to go out.

Looking at the application today though, it seems as if it is very much in soft launch mode. There are currently very few events listed, but there is the promise that many are on their way. What kinds of events will be featured? For the creators of the tool, the events should include “nightclubs, art-galleries, private parties, spring and summer picnics and outdoor festivals, black-tie galas and balls, private-sales, fashion shows, and sample sales”.

The idea is a very interesting one as it appeals to people’s desire to be ‘in the know’ and to feel special. It is impossible to say currently though whether it will offer truly exclusive events or whether it will simply be another means to promote happenings that are already amply promoted elsewhere.

The tool comes in two versions. A Lite version which is free to download, and a version to purchase which offers some additional features (share events on Facebook, sign up on guestlists via SMS or email…). http://www.parisguestlist.com/iphone/english.htm

There is also a simplified internet version of the tool.

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