Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strikes in Paris

If you are planning to come to Paris this weekend, here are a few websites you may want to keep an eye on:

The Metro: (only available in French - the English section of the site contains no information about the strikes.

SNCF: (including Eurostar, Thalys...): (again, no English version, but just know that 'supprimé' is bad news!).

The airports:

Currently Eurostar trains are unaffected by the strike and the Metro is running almost as normal, but delays can be expected at airports and on the trains and buses between the airports and Paris.

You should also be aware that another day of protest has been organised for this Saturday (16th) which will mean many people in the streets, but also the possibility of some sites and museums being closed.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Great information to have, Adam. I will mark these sites for my next visit to Paris in December.

Anonymous said...

What will the weekend of oct 22 and 23 be like? Any big disruptions planned?

Adam said...

Anonymous: theoretically the strikes should be over by then as the text will have been voted by the French Sénat. However, as this weekend also corresponds with the begining of the Autumn half-term holidays, I imagine that some unions will want to score a few points.

That will probably mean fewer trains and planes, and problems getting from the airports to the centre of Paris. If you are driving, there may also be problems finding any petrol.

There shouldn't though be any problems with the Eurostar or on the Metro.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Adam. Fingers crossed. I will be coming in from Frankfurt for the weekend.

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